The Arcady Group helps organizations and businesses address global health issues, enhance patient and disease management, and improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of health systems. They turn science into action – enhancing patient management and health system delivery in some of the world’s most challenging disease states and in some of the most health-care challenged regions of the world. The Arcady Group serves as a consultant and grantee to organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Novartis Pharma, and the Virginia Commonwealth University Medicines for All Institute.

The Challenge

Global health initiatives, particularly in resource-limited countries, require an extraordinary amount of coordination and collaboration! The Arcady Group supports countries around the world to leverage proven technologies and processes that enable differentiated care and improved health outcomes.

To date the work has been accomplished by small project teams. Dedicated partners are immersed (and often on-the-ground) in work to understand the needs, develop the solutions, evaluate the impact and publish the findings. This model, while incredibly effective, is difficult to scale and creates redundant work each time the process is replicated in a new country.

Sharing of best practices amongst global health stakeholders can mean faster wins for patients and greater value for funding organizations. With that perspective, The Arcady group needed a way to make all that they had learned in 3 years of global health work – including approaches to research, proven technologies and implementation strategies – readily available to interested individuals.


The Solution

Wythe Ave created a comprehensive plan for a campaign to accelerate appropriate use of patient medication adherence monitoring technologies for individuals diagnosed with tuberculosis in resource-limited countries. The plan established clear strategies for engaging the target audience – country managers, researchers, funders and other global health stakeholders – and tactics to facilitate knowledge sharing and coordinate delivery.

Beyond planning, we continue to provide fractional marketing communications support for execution of the campaign elements, such as 

  • press releases 
  • insight content 
  • web-based collection of resources 
  • social media activity
  • general communications support

In a single month, communications generated >6,000 impressions on LinkedIn, increased unique webpage views by 8.5%, and achieved an 81% new visitor rate on