Why a small business marketing plan is like a yoga block, not a ball ‘n' chain

You may have noticed from my first blog that I like analogies.  If you’re into them too, this post will not disappoint. 


Recently, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to why many small business owners promote their products and services without having first established communication objectives.  What is it that stops some from taking this step?  I know not all business owners are type A, recovering perfectionists like me.  But I’ve seen a lot of spaghetti marketing -- aka throw the tactics at the wall and see what sticks. 

I want to help businesses find their voice and balance sharing their passions with having the strategic foundation for marketing success.

Ball n chain.png

I have one hypothesis about why the planning step is sometimes skipped: people feel boxed in by documented plans.  I understand not wanting to be accountable to anyone or anything.  Being our own bosses is part of what magnetized many of us to entrepreneurship.  There’s a sense of freedom that comes with deciding how to spend your time each day.  The idea of a plan with stated goals can seem like a ball ‘n' chain, weighing you down and limiting your flexibility to respond to events as they arise. 

In reality, a good marketing communications strategy enables you to be more responsive and focus your efforts.  Instead of sitting down for 30 minutes trying to think of what to post on social media because “it’s been awhile,” you can have you posts planned, on message and scheduled for several weeks at a time.  A strategy tells you what you can stop spending time doing, freeing up your time to serve customers, network or execute that impromptu post.    

In yoga, blocks are tools to assist with proper form.  They make the pose feel more delicious and increase the benefits of the posture.  Some novice yogis might view them as props for those less flexible or strong.  Or even resist utilizing them for fear of appearing unskilled.  Strategic marketing plans are like yoga blocks in that they provide stability and support, and they enable growth, while minimizing injury.  I invite you to go ahead and use the yoga block!  Allow your clients to view your business as aligned and confident.  Be a true warrior, with a strong foundation! 


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