Letting Go to Grow: the Cycle of Planning for Small Businesses

I was driving home the other day, and I passed a greenhouse with a banner out front that read “Fall is for Planting.”  While they were reminding people it’s time to come purchase their seeds and plants, I was struck by the metaphor for small business owners.  Now is the time to begin planting seeds to prepare for growth next year.   

I’ve tended to think of Autumn as a time of decline – where leaves change colors and fall to the ground - and trees (and people) turn inward to protect from the impending cold.  While this does happen, Mother Nature also lays the groundwork for things to bloom in Spring.   The act of shedding, preparing fertile soil and planting seeds in Fall increases the likelihood of a flourishing garden when warmer weather arrives.  

The same goes for our businesses.  We must first let go of that which has already happened or no longer serves our purpose and then prepare for our growth.  

In the past, did you pursue work that paid the bills rather than projects that make you jump out of bed in the morning?  Did you engage in partnerships that didn’t turn out as you had hoped?  Did you commit to assignments that weren’t a good fit?  Did you under (or over) bid on a big deal?  

Now is the time to acknowledge the lessons in each situation and then give yourself permission to let go.  Stop agonizing over what’s done.  Commit to not repeating the mistakes and create space for a new way forward.  

Now, take time to get clear about (and write down) what you would like to see for your business.  What level of revenue do you aspire to achieve?  How many new clients would you like to add?  Within what period of time?  

And then, begin planting seeds to achieve those objectives.  Implement the marketing initiatives that will, with nurturing, bring in ideal clients and projects.  

Just as with nature, businesses follow cycles.  We plan, we execute and we evaluate our marketing efforts…which then informs the next iterations of our plans.  This process, when done in an intentional way, actually reduces the time you have to spend marketing your business.  When objectives and strategies are clear, all of your communications support your goals.  

Reach out to Wythe Ave Consulting if you would like help envisioning the garden you want to have next year and cultivating a plan for growth.  We work with small business owners and marketing professionals to deliver strategic plans and guide the execution of communications that drive meaningful and measurable impact.