Finding a Rhythm with Strategic Planning for your Small Business

A White Paper Executive Summary

As small business owners, we know we need to invest in marketing to bring in new clients or drive loyalty, but where do we begin?  Should you create some ads on Facebook to gain new followers, print a brochure to hand out at an industry meeting or begin blogging?  And with what message and frequency?  A strategic planning process can ensure your marketing resources (time & $$$) are put to best use.  A plan prepares you to do only the activities that will have the biggest impact on your business goals.  Large corporations dedicate months to strategic planning, but that’s often unrealistic (and unnecessary) for more nimble businesses.  Establishing a regular rhythm of asking key questions and selecting a direction based on answers can position your organization for both short and long-term success. 

Strat Planning Like a Boss

Typing “strategic planning” or “marketing plans for small businesses” into Google will return a multitude of templates for business plans.  Knowing when and how to complete these documents can be daunting!  And once written they often sit on a shelf, rather than serving as regular references.  A more practical tool is needed for small that lays out key questions and recommends an order in which to evaluate them for a smooth planning process that delivers results. 

Wythe Ave created a planning-implementation cycle graphic to help you assess where you are and develop a rhythm for efficient, effective and intentional marketing communications.   Feel free to download our complementary white paper, which includes the cycle graphic and details each step in the planning process.  And, of course, reach out to us if you have questions or would like support with your planning or implementation efforts.