The Power of Digital Storytelling for Small Businesses

When working with clients, I constantly preach about story.

We each have individual and collective stories.  And our businesses have stories – whether they’re about us, as owners, and why we started our businesses, about our customers and the benefits they’ve experienced from working with us or about the impact we have on our community. 

Businesses and consumers alike use all types of stories (written, graphic, verbalized, sung) to share experiences, engage, connect and make decisions.  And these communications are not always face-to-face.  More often than not, we’re leveraging technology to share moments.  By sharing our stories on social media, we take advantage of opportunities to extend the reach of our stories beyond our in-person interactions.

I was in a forum the other day and heard remarks from a panelist about all of the negativity caused by social media. As a professional who works in brand and storytelling, I know this can be the case. However, my personal reaction to this comment was immediately contradictory.

Social media can be used to spread negative commentary. But for me, it is overall very positive. I use it personally and professionally not only to tell my story and the story of my business, but to also stay connected to individuals and businesses that interest me.  

(And, for the record, I do believe it is also important to regularly disengage from technology to relate authentically and in the moment with potential customers and partners.)

For me, having a positive, informative, well-rounded group of people, companies, news sources and lifestyle resources in my social media world helps me in my day-to-day life.  I follow causes I care about. I interact with my friends across the world. I get my news from multiple sources. I follow businesses that align with the things I value, so when I want or need a product or service they offer, I know where to go to get it — a place that vibes with me.

There are negative stories. There are positive stories. Cultivate your tech to support your business needs and contribute uplifting messages to the virtual world. 

Happy storytelling.