Strategic Planning for Long-Term Market Growth + Website Planning


Many of our clients first turn to us when they realize that the next rung of their growth ladder requires strategic marketing counsel.

This is true of one of our clients who specializes in selling point-of-sale credit card and check processing equipment.

The business had begun in the owners’ garage and grew because of their relentless pursuit of 5-star customer service.


Wythe Ave Provided:

  • Positioning

  • Long-term growth strategy

  • Website Planning


The business had begun in the owner’s garage

and grew because of their relentless pursuit of 5-star customer service


When we got the call to begin working together, we knew we could suggest strategies that would immediately drive new client growth–digital advertising, major trade event investments, a direct mail campaign.

But that would have been a mistake.

This company is renowned for its customer service. It’s important for them to take care of customers. Growth without deliberate planning might yield short-term profits, but it would have come at a cost.


Our client wanted to grow,but that growth had to be at a pace where they could ensure their new customers received superior service.

Together, we created a plan for:

  • Driving the right kind of incremental growth that was aligned with the needed infrastructure enhancements to support the new business

  • Developing the company’s next website strategy: vetting the right developers and creating the right scope and budget to fit the company’s needs

  • Aligning growth goals with the company’s brand of service and expertiseToday, our client has a strong, deliberate plan for growth and has confidence in their new website platform